The Unique 4ME COMPLEX for Stress and Persistent Pressure.

Developed through years of research. 

Stress, burnout, challenging experiences such as separation, divorce, or the death of a loved one, exhaustion, Long Covid, withdrawal after addictive behavior, or failure can lead to chaos in the body's hormone system. In "emergency mode," the body prioritizes physical functions over psychological ones. This restricts the effect of essential happiness hormones, which can result in a lack of motivation, drive, joy, and pleasure. Depressive moods or anxiety, accompanied by inflammatory reactions and autoimmune diseases, are common outcomes. In such cases, alternative solutions are needed. From this understanding, the 4ME Complex was developed over years of research by experienced psychologists Dr. Ursula Grohs and Mag. Susanne Grohs-Schlager, in collaboration with renowned scientists and structural biologists. 

Restoring Optimal Levels of Happiness Hormones 

Mental health is only possible when the optimal levels of critical happiness hormones—norepinephrine, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin—are present. The 4ME Complex provides the building blocks for the production of these happiness hormones. It contains 16 highly concentrated nutrients and vital substances such as spermidine, vitamins C, D, B12, B6, E, magnesium, L-tyrosine, inositol, L-tryptophan, and niacin (vitamin B3). These are combined in capsules or sachets to restore the optimal levels of happiness hormones. This nutrient complex is unique in its form. 

Initiating the Self-Healing Process 

As a result, the body can again sufficiently utilise the activity of happiness hormones and neurotransmitters that support psychological functions. Within the first week of the 7-week build-up course, mood improves, and the body's energy increases. We feel well, are in better spirits, more focused, more productive, and balanced. Libido and joy of life also significantly increase. This helps to restore new emotional order after stressful events. If stress persists, a one-week intake per month can support mental health. 

7-Week Course and Intake: 

The 4ME 7-week course consists of: 

4 formulations, identified by 4 different colours in bottles 1 to 4 

- Take 4 x 2 capsules daily 

- In the morning, take 2 yellow capsules with 1 teaspoon of fat for a vitamin boost that  motivates you for the day 

- Mid-morning, take 2 green capsules to stay productive and focused 

- At midday, take 2 red capsules to be alert, active, in a good mood, and content 

- In the evening, take 2 blue capsules to trustfully drift into a restful sleep 


- is not a prescription medication 

The 4ME Complex - Developed with Expertise! 

"In 40 years of experience with people who need job security, seek fulfilling partnerships, want to help their children succeed in school, and wish to live lovingly, I have witnessed a lot of stress and suffering. Just as a cold requires bed rest, stress requires restoration of emotional order for inner peace." 

Dr. Ursula Grohs, Founder of Institut Dr. Grohs and Fourme GmbH 

"It has been shown that restoring inner balance is much easier when the hormonal system operates within its optimal range. My mother's work with affected individuals inspired me to bring our collaborative efforts at the institute to the public. This allows us to help not only our clients in-house but also everyone who wants to get to know 4ME. Therefore, we developed 4ME together with renowned scientists and structural biologists." 

Mag. Susanne Grohs-Schlager, Head of Institut Dr. Grohs and Fourme GmbH 

Univ. Prof. Dr. Christoph Kratky is an internationally renowned Austrian structural biologist, an emeritus professor of physical chemistry at the University of Graz and was President of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) from 2005 to 2013. Ursula Grohs and Christoph Kratky's paths crossed many years ago. Over the years, their shared vision grew into the development of a product that offers a holistic approach to supporting mental health and enhancing quality of life during stressful events. Outstanding expertise in psychodynamic psychology, biology, and physical chemistry set the course for the unique 4ME Complex.