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Dr. Ursula Grohs

Dr. Ursula Grohs Founder and CEO of Institut Dr. Grohs and Fourme GmbH.

Clinical Psychologist, Health Psychologist, Individual Psychological Analyst. Her focus is on developing Psychodynamic Mental Health programs. The smoking cessation program she developed, PDM®, achieves the highest success rate worldwide, is internationally published, and has the highest recommendation A (Evidence Ib) for healthcare providers by the World Health Organization.

Mag. Susanne Grohs-Schlager

Mag. Susanne Grohs-Schlager CEO of Institut Dr. Grohs and Fourme GmbH.

Clinical, Health, and Psychodynamic Psychologist, and Psychodynamic Mental Health PDM® Trainer specializing in stress reaction treatment. Her question: "How does psychology become biology…" Personality disorders and behavioral abnormalities.

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