The institute Dr. Grohs as a basis for the development of the 4ME complex.

The Dr Grohs Institute is a private institute for clinical psychology, psychotherapy and health promotion in a prime location near the Hilmteich pond in Graz. "We understand the origins and effects of inner forces and want to change them positively," says founder and managing director Dr Ursula Grohs. The institute offers spacious premises, time and tranquillity for individual treatments and counselling as well as appropriate training courses.


For a new, holistic healing process.

Based on psychodynamic psychology, Dr Ursula Grohs has developed her own successful methods in more than 40 years of therapy experience. Psychodynamics is the study of the workings of inner emotional forces and is the basis of a new, holistic healing process.


A multi-professional team.

The Dr Grohs Institute builds on the knowledge and expertise of a multi-professional team consisting of clinical and psychodynamic psychologists and psychotherapists, educationalists as well as general practitioners, neurologists and psychiatrists.

It accompanies its clients to the foundations of a good life with healthy relationships, emotional stability and methods that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The aim is to optimise the development of:





The Institute's experts emphasise a strong sense of community and the diplomatic implementation of healthy lifestyles among clients and those entrusted to their care. The focus is on child and youth therapy, the outpatient clinic for exhaustion and stress, special day programmes and psychodynamic psychology training for those in positions of responsibility, parents, teachers and interested parties.


40 years of experience converted for the 4ME Complex.

In 40 years of experience with people who need job security, are looking for fulfilling partnerships, want to get their children through school well and want to live lovingly, Dr Grohs has experienced a wide variety of stresses and also a great deal of suffering. "Just as you need a bed when you have a cold, stress needs emotional organisation. It has been shown how much easier it is to restore inner balance when the hormone system is within the target values," explains Dr Ursula Grohs. "The 4ME Complex developed by us provides the building blocks for the production of these important happiness hormones and can be the basis for a stable psyche," adds Susanne Grohs-Schlager.