What is Fourme?

4MEFOURME are nutrients for emotional functions in the body, which promote emotional stability and support the immune system through the combination of particularly effective ingredients. This is especially the case during stressful events - such as burnout, separation or the death of loved ones, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, failures, anxiety and depressive moods, but also during or after stressful phases at work and in the family.

    A yellow sachet in the morning, for a vitamin kick to motivate you for the day. Norepinephrine for the experience of efficacy, to laugh heartily.
  • LIVE

    A green sachet in the morning to stay efficient and focused.

    Dopamine for experiencing recognition to live beneficial.


    A red bag at noon to be alert, active, in a beneficial mood and satisfied. Serotonin for experiencing satisfaction, to perform enthusiastically
  • LOVE

    A blue sachet in the evening to drift off quietly and confidently into a restful sleep. Oxytocin for experiencing trust, to love lustfully.

FOURME provides the building blocks for the formation of:

🧡 Norepinephrine

noradrenaline to experience self-efficacy. Boost your self-efficacy through positive excitement and humour by: - Playing sports that you can do with a smile on your face - Conjuring up butterflies in your stomach through exuberant swinging, riding a merry-go-round or falling in love - Experience thrills through exciting stories, films, audio books and performances - Pulling up the corners of your mouth into a smile several times a day until you have internalised it as an attitude. " Fake it, till you make it!" - daily put areas in your environment in order and do small, easily manageable tasks

💚 Dopamine

Dopamine to experience self-esteem. Boost your self-esteem by appreciating yourself and others by being carried away by a cheering audience, attending a sporting event, a concert, a rousing cultural event by and with children or adults.  -by observing people in successful moments and empathising with their enthusiasm - by focusing on your abilities. Viewing mistakes, failures and fear humorously as developmental steps on your path. - by deliberately looking for situations in which you can be helpful and spontaneous without being asked and foregoing principles. - by giving your all in a competition and trying to win. If another person wins, let the pride of the winner be a spark for you.

❤️ Serotonin

Serotonin to experience self-satisfaction.Boost your self-satisfaction by - By singing along loudly at a concert, in the car or in the shower. - by taking care of plants at home and at work - by writing down a list of 12 supportive friends who can help you through challenges and keeping this list. - by experiencing films or performances that recount many moments of sympathy and connection.

💙 Oxytocin

Oxytocin to experience self-confidence. Boost your self-confidence by: - indulging in tender massages and learning to enjoy gentle touches - gently swaying in a hanging chair or hammock  - Writing down your 3 best (potential) friends and cultivating relationships with them. Always know what is on their mind internally.  - place a subtle vanilla or lavender scent in the entrance area of their home, for a relaxing welcome when entering your home.