Der moderne Lebenswandel braucht viel Energie.

The modern way of life requires a lot of energy.

There is pressure, lack of time, and constant alertness in our society. Lack of sleep and exercise further deplete our reserves. Our diet also needs to be quick, affordable, and tasty. The food industry designs products so that we can't stop eating them on the side and develop a continuous craving. Meanwhile, our health continues to decline, and our performance decreases. Additionally, mental stress triggers stress and disrupts the hormonal system. We cannot live to be 80 to 100 years old without experiencing mental stress.

Our hormonal system is devastated.

The death of a loved one, separation, job loss, bullying, fears, failure, nicotine, stimulants, and excessive alcohol devastate our hormonal system. When we reach our limit, we have little to fight back. As a result, everyday activities such as socializing with friends, taking a walk, keeping things organized, and running errands become a burden. Eventually, one experiences loss of libido, suffers from weakened immunity, and burns out. Susceptibility to infections, allergies, lack of motivation, lethargy, loss of pleasure and joy, depressive moods, or anxiety are common companions.

For hormonal balance. 4ME

Psychological stability and well-being are only possible when there is balance in the hormonal system. Noradrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin are responsible for our psychological stability. 4ME provides targeted essential building blocks for the formation of crucial neurotransmitters that organize and maintain our hormonal system. Alongside this, emotional balance becomes easier to achieve with the appropriate hormone levels. So, with 4ME, there is a product that can help before resorting to medication.

Dosage: Once a year, 4ME rebuilding course, as well as after stressful events. Taking the course more than twice a year is not recommended.

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