Wir trauern, wenn uns Endgültigkeit bewusst wird


Natural principles often present us with challenges that can knock us down. Death is one of these natural principles; it cannot be questioned or fully understood. We help each other to get back on our feet.

Death enters our lives in many different ways. If we are unprepared, it takes time to come to terms with it. The news of a death carves a deep solitary furrow in our brain, leaving us with no thoughts to integrate this information into our existing experiences. We are unable to accept it—physiologically speaking, we have no existing neural network in our brain suitable for processing this information. It takes time for this news to be transferred to long-term memory and to gradually integrate into our thoughts.

With the death of a loved one, all words, thoughts, and feelings directed towards them fall into a void. We are left behind, which disrupts our sense of belonging and community. We cannot comprehend death and often need to believe in a higher power. The pain from the newly imposed life brings complete disorder to our emotional systems.

In such overwhelming experiences, the body switches to an emergency program to ensure that most metabolic and neurobiological functions are available for organ operation. Psychological functions that develop a soothing inner balance are left unsupported, making us feel miserable. Additionally, yearning, loneliness, perceived meaninglessness, and possibly guilt further disrupt our internal emotional order and destabilize the hormonal system.

This often results in physical complaints such as circulatory problems, a feeling of emptiness in the stomach, chest tightness, palpitations, a choked feeling in the throat, shortness of breath, and muscle weakness. Many grieving individuals suffer from insomnia, loss of appetite, concentration problems, and a lack of motivation.

In my long career as a psychologist, I have seen many individuals struck by misfortune. In the midst of processes where we sought helpful paths for a good life, I witnessed the physical pain of those affected. It is deeply unbearable. With increasing knowledge about the chemical reactions in the body that cause pain, it became increasingly important to me to provide not only psychological support but also vital substances that immediately support healing psychological processes. With 4ME, we have developed a nutrient complex that floods the body with vital substances, quickly halting the painful emergency program. This helps integrate distressing events into our experience and eventually find a good internal place for them.


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